Tim Payne

Tim Payne
Tim Payne

Director of Operations

Tim is a great team leader who never hesitates to jump in and help the crew when deadlines are tight.

It takes hard work to run a crew of people when you have ever-changing deadlines and tasks but Tim handles it all with a great attitude, which is also reflected by his team. Tim’s favorite part of the job is prototyping – taking an idea and creating something tangible or jumping in and helping the crew by getting his hands dirty when deadlines are tight.

Tim has been working since he was 15 years old and has built up a wealth of knowledge from his time in the masonry profession and residential construction. After eight years in the masonry profession he was in charge of all aspects of the business and as a result learned a tremendous amount about problem solving, ethics and hard work.

When Tim isn’t helping the team out, he’s spending time with his wife and two kids. They are undoubtedly with family and friends, barbecuing and living the Oregon dream on the seven sunny days a year.

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