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Everything we do, and everything we are, is driven by this powerful purpose:


In short, your brand promise. It becomes our reality, our challenge, and our commitment to deliver your unique brand experience at the retail level. Our team is committed to inventing, designing, crafting, and delivering your brand in retail environments that connect with your target customer and deliver on your brand promise. We are brand originators, design savants, value engineers, meticulous managers, accomplished craftsmen, and precise installers.

We are CDS

We Design.

Is your store design based off something important, or is it just a pretty picture? Does it reflect the brand promise your customers are expecting? At CDS, when we create environments for retailers, we’re focused on finding and creating what is unique and special about your brand, and informing our design based on something much more than just a pretty picture. It’s about delivering on the promise your brand has made in the marketplace. From retail strategy and brand creation, to environmental design with décor, signage, and fixture packages, CDS has done it time and time again. Branding, retail design, décor, signage, graphics, and fixture planning are just a few of the limitless services our design team creates for our customers every day of the year.

We Manufacture.

From one-off prototypes to multi-million dollar rollouts, we are equipped to handle any size project efficiently. Our team is composed of true industry craftsmen, who are just as comfortable building something custom every day, as they are rolling out thousands of the same item for months. Our capabilities extend through company locations and partners in Portland, Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, and China. We offer state of the art machinery for metalworking, millwork, painting, custom finishing, and printing. Each and every day we’re producing décor, signage, graphics, fixtures, and dimensional lettering. However, our machines can only take us so far; it’s our employee’s drive, dedication and ingenuity that create a workplace that produces at the highest level. Given all that we do at CDS, and the decades we’ve done it, we live in the reality that time and budget are an understood necessity when delivering quality.

We Install.

At CDS, we offer full service installation that provides finish carpentry, décor and fixture installation, and light general contracting services for regional and nationwide retail operators with a strong emphasis in grocery environments. This strategy of providing installation services with products designed and manufactured in-house by CDS is a very powerful offering. There is an inherent exchange and distribution of design intent and manufactured product knowledge when all services are provided with a “CONCEPT TO KEYS” approach. The customer benefits from a single point of contact making the overall project management experience more efficient and requiring less client management input and resources.