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Communicating on 3 key levels – Global, Process and Point of Sale.

You have developed a brand you trust, that you count on. Your team has developed what we call a Brand Relationship Guide, a document that connects your brand to the consumer in the retail space. It resonates with your client base and it tells your compelling story by speaking to what is unique and special to your offering. Once you have the story and the copy, what is the most effective way to communicate it in the retail environment?

Communication is the single most important ideal that exists today. Unfortunately communication is not always easy, especially due to scheduling and budgetary restrictions. In order to help our clients connect with their customers as it relates to the retail shopping experience we have created a proprietary, repeatable formula called Brand Level Communication.

Brand Level Communication separates the retail space into three platforms and identifies the areas where your brand communication will be most effective. The key areas are identified below:

  1. Global:
    Global communication happens in the retail environment at 8’-0” above finished floor and up. This area is reserved for overall department messaging and is most importantly a great stage for telling your retail story including identifying your Missions and Goals. Additionally, this is a key level where there is a great opportunity to connect to the community using graphics, murals, historical references and local themed decor.
  2. Process:
    Process communication takes place between 4’-0” to 8’-0” above finished floor. This supports global statements with evidence telling the specific compelling story of the products for sale and the operational processes provided for the customer, by department.
  3. Point of Sale:
    Point of Sale communication happens at the product level, usually below 4’-0”. This area is where you give your clients a reason to buy the specific products you display which are usually identified by a Price sign or Information Sign. The key to communication in this area is to create the best stage for the product by presenting the signage so it enhances the buying experience and in no way distracts or confuses the consumer who is ready to buy.

Communication is one of the most important things a retailer can embrace. Identifying the three levels of Brand Communication within the retail space is a simple way to start the process. Done correctly it will support the Brand and your Brand Promise which is the life blood of the retailer and the retail experience. Your clients are busy and moving fast so they are counting on communication from you that makes their lives easier. At CDS, we are experts at applying Brand Level Communication. We can help you tell your compelling story through Retail Design and Retail Branding which we apply through Décor, Fixtures, Displays, Signage, and Graphics.

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