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When you combine your Retail Brand with the Local Area Brand what do you get? The unique brand experience at the retail level.

IMG_0526 The power of your refined Retail Brand can be leveraged in any retail setting but if you do not pay attention to the region, neighborhood and area that you reside in you will be missing an important opportunity. Your Brand has meaning to you and your entrusted employees and it is important to stay true to that and be proud of it.  However the region and neighborhood your store lives in has a Brand flavor all it’s own. Consider combining these two powerful Brands into one and that is when you get that unique Brand experience at the retail level.

The Community Brand can be expressed in many mediums: regional colors, indigenous materials and architectural essences that can be incorporated in the store development.  Your Brand core values, mission statement and who you are as a company can and should be leveraged and placed in the store as well.  The community history, your outreach programs, iconic areas within the region or neighborhood all give your retail space a sense of place and belonging. Pay homage to the community and you will become part of the community.

Cafe Seating Community ConnectionWhy is this important? If you surround your clients in familiar environments that they are comfortable with then this takes the angst out of the shopping experience and allows your clients to relax quite naturally in a subliminal way.  When they relax and feel at home, they will buy more.

This is a powerful concept to incorporate into your retail strategy and environmental design. Combine your Brand with the Local Community Brand and you will create a unique Brand at retail level.  We have used this as a successful formula for years. You may be doing some of this already but ask yourself if you are leveraging this ideal completely? If not we need to talk.

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