The guiding base principles for any business operation are Why, How and What.

Consider for a moment:
Why do you do what you do?
How do you apply it?
What does it look like at your business level i.e. your retail operation level?

We embrace the ideal of the Why, How, What and apply it to our thinking when we plan a go to market strategy for retailers.

The Why is your brand platform asking why you do what you do in regards to your retail business principles and mission. This also applies to your brand connection to the community."Whole Foods Market Knoxville, Tennessee, opens on March 24, 2015"

The How is identifying your brand further to lay the foundation of communication in the retail arena. This involves creating a document that embraces the three basic levels of brand communication: global, process and point of sale. We call this the Consumer Relationship. DSC_0065

The What is taking all the collected brand and consumer relationship information and applying it tangibly to the retail space. This should be the guiding principals to developing a fixture plan, environmental design, store construction, service and product displays as well as decor and signage programs. Apply these with the brand in mind and it will support your Brand Promises.2013-12-11 08.56.23

Do you have answers for the How, Why, What? Do you know how to apply them in the retail environment? We can help you answer these questions and get the most out of your Brand Platform and Brand Communication.

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