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The children getting off the bus bubbled over with excitement as they flocked like birds to the front corner of the entrance of Charles F. Tigard Elementary School. Stopping short of the door, their eager faces scanned the walls searching for his or her work amongst the assortment of brightly colored pieces. It took the teachers nearly an hour to get the kids inside the building; each trying to find his or her individual contribution to the recently assembled masterpiece. Thus began the life of Tigard’s newest art installation, its impact immediately apparent on the lives of the public and patrons.

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In January, art teachers at the elementary school approached CDS to design a metal tree and a few birds for a lesson centered on John James Audubon. The goal was for every student to decorate their own bird, in a style and pattern that reflected their imagination as well as their lesson.

Trevor O’Brien, CDS’s Director of Fulfillment had this to say about the project. “When the school contacted me to come talk to them about the birds they told me they had around $1,000.00 from the art literacy program. I knew this would ultimately not get the school what they were looking for. After I crunched some numbers, I talked with Tim, the Director of Manufacturing, on how we could get this done with reasonable cost for us to produce. I took a budget to the executive team to see if this was something we would be willing to donate to the school. Our costs were around $5,000 for the project. This included material, labor, and powder coating. With the executive team’s blessing, I contacted the school and told them we would be donating the tree and bird sculpture for the kids.”LomsterTerry & Rick Resized

Coordinated by CDS’s sister company Hammerhead Solutions, two metal trees were adorned with 590 metal birds, all of which are hand painted by the elementary students.  Exterior Site Survey ResizedSchool Wall ResizedAustin Resized

A big thanks to the CFT Art Literacy teachers for allowing CDS to join the movement to inspire kids through art!Teachers resized

If you’d like to read more about the Bird Project, check out the wonderful articles in the Portland Tribune and The Times.

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