File Feb 01The week of January 18th was a very successful week at CDS, and one that set us up for another amazing year. This important week started with all employees flying into our headquarters in Sherwood. The week included executive meetings, and hosted events, culminating with our Annual State of the Company Address.

This company wide presentation by our President takes place at the beginning of every year. He walks the company through step-by-step analysis on the previous year, and also sets the course for the year ahead. The presentation is a celebratory one, focusing heavily on what makes CDS special – our employees. It goes into financial analysis, highlights specific achievements by our team, and showcases successful projects with our clients. The presentation concludes with our goals for the new year,DSC08633 tying everything back to our mission…“Transform Promise Into Reality.”

Our holiday party then caps off the week, where we celebrate our collective success. The party is a once a year chance to let loose a little bit, enjoy each other’s company outside of the office, and celebrate with employees, vendor partners, and valued subcontractors. We are all looking forward to another year of teamwork, craftsmanship, authenticity, and kicking butt! Check out more pictures below.

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