We have news!  Richard Graap, founder and Principle of CDS, Inc. and Brad Halverson, former VP Marketing of Metropolitan Market have started a venture together, joining forces and creating CLEARBRAND.

A service company that helps Retailers to develop a better mousetrap leveraging over 60 combined years in the Retail industry supporting and consulting some of the most successful Retailers in the nation.

Retail Strategizing and Consulting Services include:

  • Clarifying Brands
  • Finding Hidden Patterns
  • Improving the Customer Experience
  • Adding Sales Growth
  • Making More Money for the Retailers we serve

We support Retailers in that nebulous space and time before you Design and Break Ground on projects. We provide the basis to support these actions.  We ask WHY you do what you do so the How and What come very naturally and without pause.  We give you reasons to do what you need to do in this ultra-competitive Retail Market Place so you can focus on what you do best: Serving your clients and getting the best products on the shelf for them to buy.

Yes, we have arrived and we are ready to help you!!

Check out some highlights from our presentation below to learn more.

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