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Part of the Why, How, What Series of Blogs.

Being in this business for over 40 years now I have heard and seen many things as it relates to the grocery retail industry. None of these things is more surprising than the perception of a Brand Platform.

I have asked retailers whether they have a Brand Platform we can leverage? With a simple and confused look they respond by stating “I have a weekly Ad, isn’t that enough.” Well I am here to say it is not enough.

After all a Brand Platform is just a set of information, a collateral deck of pages. First you need to have a Brand Platform and then, more importantly you need to apply the information effectively into your retail operation.
Why do you do what you do?
How will you identify this for your foundation?
What will this foundation be at Retail level?

Identifying the Why, How, and What of your retail operation is not a complete Brand Platform but it is a start. Do you want more than a Weekly Ad? We can help you.

Written by Richard Graap, Owner and CEO. To learn more about Rick click here: CDS Team

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