Xanterra Swiftcurrent Rendering
Xanterra Swiftcurrent Rendering - Top View
Xanterra Swiftcurrent Wall Decor and Fixtures
Xanterra Swiftcurrent Camp Store Decor
Xanterra Swiftcurrent Graphics
Xanterra Swiftcurrent Wall Decor
Xanterra Swiftcurrent Fixture
Xanterra Swiftcurrent Overall View
Xanterra Two Medicine Fixture Rendering
Xanterra Two Medicine Fixture Tables
Xanterra Two Medicine Wall Decor
Xanterra Two Medicine Fixtures
Xanterra Two Medicine Stuffed Animal Fixture
Xanterra Two Medicine Cash Wrap

Location:  Glacier National Park, Montana
Services: Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation

Xanterra Parks and Resorts is the largest operator of park-based hotels, restaurants and stores in the United States. They approached CDS with the challenge of designing two retail and grocery service stores in Montana’s Glacier National Park. With our Northwest roots and a great love of all things outdoors, we were very excited to support the effort to take these stores to a new level.

Both Two Medicine and Swiftcurrent, are listed on the National Historic Registry. It was important to take that into account when selecting materials, designing visuals and helping completely re-imagine the space. Aspects included flooring, signage, wall décor, floor fixtures and merchandising hardware. In addition to creating a more consistent overall look, CDS and Xanterra partnered to create an aesthetic and fixture layout that helps to sell products as collections and stories rather than just single items.  The results speak for themselves; the added function, style and beauty has led to increased sales in both locations in their first season after renovations.