Globe - Zebra Club Overall 1
Globe - Zebra Club Overall 2
Globe Zebra Club Fixture
Globe Tall Table 1
Globe Sock Bin
Globe Rack N Shelf
Globe Rack N Merch
Globe Low Table 1
Globe Zebra Club Fixture 2
Globe Gondola 2
Globe Easel 2
Globe Citadium 1
Globe Boarders Inc Australia
Globe Board Holder 1

Location: Seattle, Washington
Services: Design, Engineering and Manufacturing

As a major player in action sports worldwide, Globe partnered with CDS to create a Shop in Shop. Excited at the opportunity to promote one of the world’s most respected boardsport and apparel brands we worked hand in hand with their visual merchandise team. The Shop in Shop is located within legendary Seattle retailer Zebra Club and focuses attention on elevating the look, touch and feel of their brand. With direction from Globe leadership, we leaned heavily on the influence of the Arts and Craft’s Movement architects Greene and Green to engineer a fixture program with function and style worthy of the brand and destined to draw attention.

The installation was a success and the re-opening launch was well attended. The partnership between Globe and CDS was so successful that we are currently working to further develop their retail fixture line including additional Shop-In-Shops, store fixtures and POP displays.